A little about me!

I'm virginie -- a creative director and brand strategist located in Toronto, Canada. 

have created a thriving online business and community via my love of yoga, mouvement and personal growth. I believe that the path to live our best lives requires us to be courageous and to have faith in ourselves. I am here to elevate you into discovering the range of your abilities. Behind all the “I can't,” there is so much potential waiting to be tapped. Yes, you can! And with time, yes you will! Start with believing that you can make anything possible.

Life is an art and we are the artist.



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What people say


“I trusted the process of working with Virginie, but I am blown away with the pure magic of her approach.”

— Christine Marquilly

"Virginie's approach is so open and sincere that it is really easy to change and evolve with confidence."

—  Marie-Pier Drolet

“To work with Virginie is to remember who we really are. Virginie always pushes my limits and helps me grow into the best version of myself. With her coaching, I always feel inspired to embody the powerful warrior-goddess that I know I am.”

— Stephanie Couturier

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