1:1 Coaching Session

with Virginie Duval


Get Accelerated Results


This coaching is for Yoga teacher or wellnessppreneur or anyone who is looking for the tools and knowledge to create digital products or producing online content.

I aim to equip you with the foundation to be successful. I will PERSONALLY work with you to create a massive shift in your perspective and create a personalized strategic action plan for you to produce your first or next digital product and grow your online business.

Private coaching is very powerful and can create great results with more ease. If, of course, you're ready to step up as a leader and evolve to live your best life.

This is different than any coaching you might have experienced before, you have to be fully committed to put in the work and to execute.

When you focus on being a good person, on working hard and on being patient, you always win.



What people say...


“I trusted the process of working with Virginie, but I am blown away with the pure magic of her approach.”

— Christine Marquilly

"Virginie's approach is so open and sincere that it is really easy to change and evolve with confidence."

—  Marie-Pier Drolet

“To work with Virginie is to remember who we really are. Virginie always pushes my limits and helps me grow into the best version of myself. With her coaching, I always feel inspired to embody the powerful warrior-goddess that I know I am”

— Stephanie Couturier

Hi, I'm Virginie 

I began teaching yoga & movement almost a decade ago. I have created a thriving online business and community via my love of mixed movement and personal growth. I pretty much started from nothing, but I learned that something mysterious starts to happen when you set things in motion. The day I trusted my instinct is the day I said yes to my first Yoga Teacher Training. It is the day I said yes to what I believe is my life's purpose.

As soon as I started in this industry, I got excited about the endless possibilities of this modern world and I quickly developed an expertise in creating, producing and selling digital courses. I LOVE what I do and I'm always eager to discover the next opportunity or strategy in order to impact more people and arm them to live their best lives. I'm also committed to empower other Yogipreneurs to define their sense of purpose and to build their self awareness around how they want to serve. We're all working hard to make this world a better place, so why not be happy in the process.

I believe that the path to living our best lives requires us to be courageous and to have faith in ourselves. I am here to elevate you into discovering the range of your abilities. Behind all the “I can't,” there is so much potential waiting to be tapped. Yes, you can! And with time, yes you will! Start with believing that you can make anything possible.