6 Rules to Live Your Best Life

wellness Mar 07, 2019

Each of us struggles every day to define our sense of purpose.

Who doesn't want to be happy, right?

After reading countless books and studying the art of fulfillment, I've come down to these 6 rules. I wrote them for myself. It's a great reminder when the going gets tough. 

Reading these rules every month, or when needed, empowers me to be positive and to focus on what I can get right.

 I hope my rules elevate you into discovering the range of your abilities.


6 Rules to Live Your Best Life


  1. Trust Yourself
    Self-awareness is power. It has the power to give you confidence in yourself, your choices, and your time. When you know yourself, it helps you make better decisions so you continue moving forward towards your ambitions. How do you get to trusting yourself? That's something I've been working on for the past year and Yoga helped me tremendously to create a deeper connection to myself.
    Be present with yourself everyday, even when it feels uncomfortable. Remember that busyness is a false comfort. Allow the practice of being with yourself reveals your weaknesses and your strengths. Where it feels short, improve it. Where you feel like your winning, still work on making it better. Own your power and trust yourself to move forward.

  2. Be Passionate 
    When you practice self-awareness you get to that place of conviction where you are able to state without fear "This is who I am and this is what I'm passionate about". Don't let the question "What do I want to do every day for the rest of my life?" scare you. Instead, ask yourself "When do I feel happy?" or "It would be crazy cool to be paid to do ______". Don't overthink it, you instinctively know what brings you joy. Think of three hobbies you love : one to make you money, one to keep you in shape and one to be creative. When you’re driven by the dream, all of the dedication and the endless hours of determination culminate into something you can be proud of!


  3. Work Hard 
    I've always loved the quote " Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't want to work". It gives me hope and confidence, because quite frankly I've never felt like I had any special talent. But I know that by being the hardest worker in the room, I surprise myself. You are, and will always be, the only person responsible for your success. So many few people actually commit to put in the work to uncover the best version of themselves. It's true that greatness doesn't come easy but you must remain focused. When others go home, be that person who is just getting started! Everyday, you are one step closer, so don't give up and keep showing up.

  4. Be Resilient
    It is totally normal to figure things out as you! But never letting failures stand in your way. I've struggled with past mistakes. I couldn't let go of them. I couldn't forgive myself. A part of me believed that if I let go, I would forget and maybe do it again. But I was dwelling in the past and by doing that I actually blocked new opportunities. One day, I saw a quote by Gary Vee that said " If you’re judging yourself for your own mistakes you’ve already lost". That when I draw a line in the sand and changed my perspective : these failures lead me to a better understanding of what's necessary to be successful.

  5. Be Grateful 
    Look, it's easy for your mental chatter to start going off about all the things that are wrong. But focus on what is right. If you're reading this, chances are you have so much to be grateful for. The phone you're reading this from.... the abundance you're experiencing on daily basis, like food, hot shower and all the things we take for granted. Feel grateful first and then express gratitude to your friends, family or that one person who always believed in you. Keep it short, but create the daily habit. The goal is to reflect on the good things in life. This will keep you centered, humbled and motivated.

  6. Let Loose a Little
    You only live once so don't take things too seriously. Yes you have ambitions. Yes you work hard. But allow yourself to enjoy the process. When is the last time you truly enjoyed yourself? Sometimes small things like putting the right soundtrack or calling a friend can make a huge difference in your energy level. Be patient and trust that things happen when the time is right. Oh and don't forget to celebrate every win!

Have you ever thought about your own rules?


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